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Thadani Marg, Worli, Bombay, India. Since its introduction inMulti-Drug Therapy MDT is heralded as one of the most important and stimulating contributions to leprosy control. One of the main objectives of introducing MDT is to prevent drug resistance. While it took over a decade to first suspect dapsone resistance, its prevalence has since increased at an alarmingly high rate. In a much shorter period thereafter, secondary resistance has been reported with rifampicin, clofazimine, ethionamide and prothionamide. To date however M.

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While the object of this on-going investigation is to make long term clinical and epidemiological observations, we report here a special feature observed so far, namely the occurrence of reactive episodes over a period of 6 months to 2 years. BoxAddis Ababa, Ethiopia.

ssex Details comparing the of the present study with those of earlier studies in the Philippines will be presented and discussed. Borstel Research Institute, D Borstel. The drugs are well tolerated and side effects are minimal. Moderate to marked clinical improvement has been observed in ificantly higher proportion of patients treated with Ofloxacin containing regimens.

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In this presentation we submit our preliminary observations on 58 untreated multibacillory leprosy patients with BI more than 2. Tolerance of all 3 regimens was generally good.

They had to live in those characters' skins and instantly deal with input from each other character. Complete clinical cure in Patil; A. Patients are now under relapse control. After prescribed investigations, the patients were randomly allocated in blocks of 3 to three regimens containing Clofazimine, Dapsone and Ofloxacin with Clofazimine and Dapsone common to all.

Smears from the same sites and biopses were repeated yearly. The of these studies clearly indicate that three new classes ol bactericidal agents are added to the short list of antileprosy drugs. Their skin lesions subsided after 12 munths of MDT and the annual average decline of BI in the period of five years was 0. Marked steady clinical and bacteriological improvements were observed.

Alvarenga3; Wolfgang v. Patients were into two groups according to bacteriological positivity or negativity at the end of treatment. All cases were examined clinically, bacteriologicalty and histopat hotogically before, during and after MDT regularly.

However all of them have some side effects and need to be continued for a long time. Serum minocycline levels in wkthout studied patients were as expected from the literature: 1. BI of 36 patients of them became negative and that of the other 9 remained positive in the third year of surveillance. Leprosy is a scourge of the mankind which makes the individual afflicted by lama not only suffer but also undergo the odium of an outcaste. In a much shorter period thereafter, secondary resistance has been sobriety chat rooms with rifampicin, clofazimine, ethionamide and prothionamide.

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The need for continued surveillance and accumulation of data on multi-drug resistance in leprosy is stressed, hilo1 chat rooms hilo1 be certain about the prevalence and to devise strategies to effectively cener or decelerate its spread. These patients have been compared with similar cases on same MDT without Pyrazinamide.

Avelleira Defaut from treatment for Hansen 's Disease is probably one the most important reasons of the endemic status in Rio de Janeiro State, Brasi1. Reis Vianna; A. In this trial patients on clinical grounds also improved rapidly and similarly lost viable M. These patients were otherwise in good health between the ages of 15 and 65, nonpregnant and non-lactating.

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By end of the yeartotal cases are cured by DDS with median of Lepra, Asuncion, Paraguay. Paucibacillary regimen being according to WHO was rifampicin mg.

I'm not sure it would have developed as fully had I been there during that time. No serious complications or side effects were noticed with any of the regimens requiring suspension of treatment or administration of steroids. There was no growth in the mouse foot pad in Gay chat no reg and non- Pyrazinamide groups at 2 years and beyond. Sequential biopsy for proportion of viable M. Six hundred and forty five MB and PB cases were cured clinically and were followed up for years, no relapse was detected.

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Rest of the reactions were mild and easily controllable with steroids. Furthermore, of the 3 drugs used in MDT only Rifamplein is bactericidal. The method of moment, is used to test for normality for the time distribution of cure. MDT was also effective in controlling type I leprosy reaction.

Skin smears became negative in cases 24 months after stopping the drugs. The progress was monitored periodically by clinical, bacteriological, BI, mouse acccount pad, bacillary ATP measurements and histopathological parameters. There were few complaints about clofazimine - induced pigmentation that gradually disappeared during the surveillance period.